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A renown educator, graduate of Berklee College of Music "Summa cum laude" and creator/director of the school "Guitar-Sessions" in Paris, guillaume has been teaching private lessons for almost ten years.

A student of some of the most influential guitarists in the US (Mick Goodrick and Tim Miller among others), Guillaume has developed a modern approach of the instrument he'd like to share with his students.

Guillaume is now giving lessons on skype, he has students from all around the world, the only requirement for you is an internet connection good enough to get a stable video call. It's also strongly recommended to have a good comprehension of english or french to make everything simple.

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What is the difference between a skype lesson and a traditional lesson?

Learning guitar online via Skype is very similar to a traditional guitar lesson. The obvious difference is that the teacher is not in the same room as you.

  • You can learn with a high profile musician especially if you are living in an area where there's not many of them.
  • You're saving a lot of time, you don't have to travel to the lesson location. Setting up a lesson time is far more flexible and easy.
  • There's a short latency between us (same as a phone call), it means that we cannot play together at the same time. To compensate, i encourage my students to record themselves with backing tracks so they can play and jam. I can listen back and we can work on their timing, sound, phrasing etc... and they have a great challenge and goals between lessons.
  • I'm not in the same room, i can't move you hands if you're doing hand position mistakes. It means that these type of lessons are great for people who already have good fundamentals on the guitar, it's not recommended for beginners.

What will be the subjects of the lessons?

The subjects of the lessons are largely defined by the student, it depends of your style, your current level, your goals, your needs and current aspirations.

Topics frequently covered during lessons are:

  • Chords (inversions, drops, voice leading, substitutions, polychords)
  • Scales (major, minor, pentatonics, melodic minor, harmonic minor, harmonic major, symmetric scales, harmonization etc...)
  • Arpeggios (articulation, fingerings)
  • Triads (fingerings, inversions, triad pairs etc.)
  • Harmony (understanding of chord progression, tune analysis etc.)
  • Repertoire (work over jazz standards and backing tracks)
  • Improvisation (vocabulary, playing over changes, etc.)
  • Modes (understanding, how to use them)
  • Technique
  • How to transcribe 
  • Ear training
  • Timing (time feel, inner time, rhythm)
  • Composition

What kind of students fits the most to your teaching ?

People who wants to play and understand music on a higher degree. A lot of guitar players wants to learn flashy solos and chords by visual memory without understanding or hearing what they are doing. I teach the understanding of music and how to play it on the guitar.

Do i need to read music to take the lessons?

It's better but not required.

 What style of guitar are you teaching?

Im teaching jazz, rock, blues, fusion and improvisation.

What payment method do you use?

payments are done via paypal. So you need a paypal account. It's free, easy and secure.

For more questions and to set up a lesson, please use the contact button below.